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Exporting Boats

Bombard Boats |  Exporting Boats


We offer a full export service to just about anywhere in the world. Our forwarders have offices in numerous locations and can deal with all the paperwork and import duties so that you can have the boat delivered to your door or simply drive to the port of arrival and pick the boat up yourself.

We are very creative in the way we transport boats to our customers. We can use the big couriers, sometimes one of our freight forwarding specialists, a specialist boat transporter or even sometimes removal companies!

If you are lucky enough to live outside the European Union, we will not charge you a single penny in tax within the UK. This means you can deduct 20% from the prices published on our website! Simply divide by 1.2 to see your export price. You would still have to pay the local tax and import duty in your own country, but this will often still allow you to make a significant saving on the price of the boat.

Small Dinghies and Tenders

We have a selection of big courier companies we can use to transport boxed inflatables and outboard engines to any destination. If you don't mind waiting, we can use a cheaper, slower service, which will use road or sea transport. If you can't wait to get out on the water, we can also send your boat by airfreight.

RIB's (Rigid Inflatable Boats)

We have a number of innovative solutions for transporting RIB's to you.
Often, you might want your boat to be on a trailer. If this is the case, we can ship in a container, on a lorry trailer or even via a roll-on roll-off ferry.
If you don't want a trailer for your boat, we can ship on a pallet, in a crate, or on a shipping bogie. We can still ship in a container or via road on a lorry trailer.


We also have an extensive selection of extras and accessories for your boat here at our chandlery shop in London. We can also supply anything from the shop for you, including electronics, water ski equipment and much, much more. This will all be without the 20% VAT, if you are located outside the European Union.

Bombard Boats |  Exporting Boats

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